State of the Art Software Systems

We utilise leading edge, industry specific, debt recovery software systems. Our software is customisable to the client and continuously maintained and developed by our onsite IT department.

These systems can:

  • allow real time client and customer online access
  • automate collection paths
  • automatically manage workflows and queues
  • automate functions such as letter, email and sms generation
  • integrate with dialler technologies, payment gateways, call reordering systems, and many other in-house and third party systems
  • produce an array of performance reports to meet your needs
  • record costs associated with collection activity (including operator time as well as hard costs) to enable portfolio and individual account profitability
  • record user actions which can then be utilised for internal and external auditing, compliance and performance assessments

Client Reporting

Our software systems are able to provide an extensive suite of performance reports, which can be emailed as scheduled and/or viewed online in real time. If a report is not already available, we are able to arrange customised reporting tailored to meet your precise requirements.

Data Security

Data security is taken very seriously and conducted in accordance with legal and regulatory obligations, in addition to specific client requirements. Security applies to every aspect of the organisation and encompasses both physical and environmental components, including but by no means limited to:

  • controlled access to network & offices
  • restricted access areas
  • fingerprint scanners at entry points
  • detailed procedures regarding the storage, transmission and disposal/destruction of data
  • secure off site backups to ensure full recovery of data and continuity of business in the event of a disruption.