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Managing Financial Difficulty

We understand that things can happen that make meeting your obligations to creditors challenging. It may be related to:

  • You or your partner losing a job
  • your business suffering from lost revenue or cash flow issues
  • a relationship breakdown
  • the impacts of the loss of a loved one
  • you or a family member experiencing significant health issues
  • any other life changing event

The good news is, we’re here to help

Our team are trained in financial hardship assessment and management, with experience assisting customers experiencing a broad range of financial challenges. We are ready to work with you and explain your options to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

It is important to contact us to let us know you need help

Please alert us if you’re suffering a financial crisis so we can work with you and your credit provider to find a manageable solution. Whilst it can sometimes feel like you would rather not think about it, having good communication with your credit provider very often reduces escalations and speeds up financial rehabilitation. To get in touch with us:

Call 1300 418 627 between 8:30 am-5:00 pm AEST Mon-Fri

Or send us an email via the form below – this includes requests for Online Hardship Application Forms, which can be emailed to you.

If you need more help, it’s OK to ask for it

If you are feeling overwhelmed and require broader assistance, you can call the National Debt Helpline for FREE independent financial counselling at 1300 007 007 or at

You may also be eligible for government support. The Australian government website MoneySmart is a good place to start.

You can appoint someone to act on your behalf

If you would prefer to nominate a third party to speak to us on your behalf please ask them to complete a Third Party Authority Form and return it to us (details of return address are on the form). 

Common examples include:

  •  a friend or family member;
  • your appointed solicitor, accountant or other financial representative; or
  • a financial counsellor 

Financial Hardship assessment process

A. Application

In order to assess whether you qualify for formal financial hardship, we will require you to complete an online Hardship Application Form, which includes a complete a Statement of Financial Position. The faster it is completed, the faster we can help. Requests for applications can be made using the contact us form above.

Please ensure you return supporting documentation with your application so that we can verify your circumstances. If you do not provide supporting documentation, we may not be able to proceed with an assessment.

B. Assessment

Once the required evidence has been received, a financial assessment will be performed by reviewing your income, expenses, other credit liabilities and living circumstances to determine if you qualify for a financial hardship repayment plan. To speed up this process, please provide any further documentation we request, as quickly as possible. 

C. Outcome

Once the assessment has been completed, the outcome will be communicated to you. 

Please note that if you do not qualify then you will need to meet your creditor’s minimum payment required. To avoid any further escalation or collection activity, please:

  • contact a member of our team on 1300 321 321
  • email us via the form above to set up a repayment plan
  • propose an arrangement via the customer portal via the link below

Financial Hardship Rehabilitation Plan

Once you have agreed to a repayment plan, we won’t contact you unless we need to. We will generally contact you in 3 months to review your circumstances and see if you are in a position to increase your payments. It is important to keep up with your repayment plan to avoid any further escalation or collection activity.

If you can’t make a scheduled repayment, please contact us so that we can reschedule your payment. Call us on 1300 418 627 or email us via the form above.

It’s important that if something changes you let us know

If you financial position improves or deteriorates, it is important that you let us know. Whether you call, email or contact us via the portal this information allows us to ensure the information we provide is best suited to your current circumstances. Our aim is to set you up for financial rehabilitation as soon as possible.







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