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Linton Pitt

Legal Services

As required, CFMG leverages the resources of its in-house law firm, Linton Pitt Lawyers. This facilitates immediate access to a highly specialised group of legal professionals.

The Linton Pitt Lawyers team consists of the solicitor director, three solicitors, two paralegals and a team of legal assistants. Linton Pitt Lawyers can manage all of our clients’ legal requirements and as a boutique firm, offers a personalised service at reasonable rates.

During the collection process, accounts identified as suitable for legal action are submitted to our client for consideration. CFMG has pre-determined paths to support this process, allowing for effective and efficient internal referrals within the group. CFMG will only proceed with the issuance of legal proceedings with a client’s express authority.

Prior to any accounts being recommended for legal action, CFMG will establish that there are no issues of a dispute in relation to the account, the customer’s address has been confirmed, the customer is employed or has assets to pay the debt, thorough attempts have been made to secure payment prior to legal action being considered and that there is no risk to our client’s brand or reputation as a result of legal action being commenced.

The Linton Pitt Lawyers team of professionals provides:

  • Knowledge and experience
  • Advice on the most effective recovery strategy
  • Case assessment and likelihood of success
  • Transparency over case management
  • Quick turnaround times and timely follow-up
  • Full visibility on case specific costs (i.e. current and future)
  • Regular Updates and Performance Reports

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