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Insolvency Management Services

Sensitive Recoveries

iMS is a member of the Central Finance Management Group, specialising in the management of sensitive/unique consumer recoveries, including hardship, insolvency, bankruptcy, and deceased estates. 

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    Australian Customers
    P: 1300 467 467 or (02) 9472 2800
    New Zealand Customers
    P: 0800 174 472 or (02) 9472 2800


About iMS’s Services

iMS maintains close professional relationships with regulatory bodies and interdependent government departments, and applies its specialised knowledge and experience to the portfolios of the clients they serve.

The business’ operations model, systems and process have been developed to mitigate risk and achieving optimum outcomes through timely actioning, case management and accurate performance reporting.

iMS leverages years of experience and specially trained employees to perform unique and ‘sensitive’ recoveries. It was the first agency in Australia to offer third party hardship management services, and continues to be one of the most successful specialty collections agencies in the industry.

Hardship Services

Deceased Estates

Personal Insolvency