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Debt Recovery

ECOLL is a subsidiary of the Central Finance Management Group.  We are passionate advocates of fair and reasonable tradeas this ensures commercial systems are sustainable and positively contributing to the well-being of Australians. We act on this calling by leading the way in ethical, compliant and socially conscious debt recovery services.

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     Australian Customers
     P: 1300 881 914 or (02) 9472 7400

     New Zealand Customers
     P: 0800 881 914 or (02) 9472 7400


About ECOLL’s Services

ECOLL develops collaborative relationships and customised solutions based on our client’s unique requirements, ensuring best practice outcomes that exceed requirements and performance expectations.

The ECOLL recovery models facilitate effective actioning of all types of collection related accounts, including pre-collections, receivables management, middle range, aged, written-off, high value, and specialty accounts.

Early Stage


Roll Rate Management

Arrangement Management

Consumer & Commercial

Late Stage Collections​

High Value & Specialty Files