Compliance, and the management of risk, underpin our entire organisation and govern all business activities. We proactively manage this essential element of our business, and our policies and procedures are regularly assessed for content accuracy and currency. We have a dedicated Compliance Team with detailed staff training processes to ensure we meet or exceed the necessary client, legal and regulatory obligations and adhere to best practice standards.

As part of our robust compliance culture, proactive risk mitigation programs are built into our everyday operations in order to address and uphold the best interests of our staff, clients, suppliers and stakeholders. We encourage all of our teams to actively manage risk, and this is supported by accountability and performance evaluation.

Our Directors have extensive knowledge of the complex requirements of the industry, so you can be sure all aspects of our business are compliant with the most stringent standards in the world. Board of Directors experience includes time as National President of the Institute of Mercantile Agents, President of the Australian Collectors Association, and Industry spokesperson before state and federal governments, ASIC, ACCC and Credit Code.

We adhere to the ACDBA Code of Practice, a copy of which can be downloaded here. The Code was created in order to:

  • set professional and industry standards and expectations for collection agencies;
  • give consumers confidence they will be treated equitably and fairly;
  • address issues and consumer problems which may not be adequately covered by existing legislation and,
  • raise the image and professional standing of ACDBA members with all stakeholders and within the collections industry generally.


For information on our data security measures please see Technology.