Business Resources

Welcome to the CFMG Business Resources Hub

Here you will find a multitude of resources to keep you up to date with changes in the Industry, advice on how to best manage your accounts receivables (including simple tips on how to improve your in-house collection rates), and FAQs relating to our operations.The information is presented in the following layout:

A. Client Portal Login

Our clients have the option of utilising an online portal which allows real time access to the status of their portfolio and individual accounts, allowing them to:

  • view reports on customer and collector activity, increasing visibility and allowing you to answer any related customer enquiries with ease
  • access to customised account management functions
  • leave messages for account managers
  • manage their own users for the site

Our FAQs cover a wide range of queries including a step-by-step outline of the legal process, useful links and advice on managing your account receivables in-house, further information regarding our Quality Assurance & Compliance measures, information on our fee structure.

C. Blog

Follow our blog to stay up to date with industry changes, updates and reports, to receive sound advice on improving your accounts receivables management, and much more.

D. Enquire Now

Time poor? Our Enquire Now page allows you to select the response most convenient to you, whether it’s a call back at a time of your choosing, an email reply or an information pack mailed or emailed out. We are committed to accommodating your needs and requirements, right from the beginning.

Business Resources