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Family run boutique agency with a 40 year track record of operational and customer service excellence

Central Finance Management Group can offer you a holistic, seamless debt recovery service spanning the entire accounts receivable cycle, encompassing Debt Recovery, Insolvency Management, Hardship Management, Customised Solutions and Legal Services. We offer client-focused and cost effective debt recovery solutions, founded on experience and innovation. We have a proven track record of delivering high quality returns to clients whilst successfully mitigating risk and upholding a strong culture of compliance. Our approach and expertise has established our Group of specialist companies as a highly trusted partner of choice in the Banking, Finance, Insurance, Utilities, Commercial and Government Sectors. By outsourcing your accounts Read more

By outsourcing your accounts receivables to us you benefit from:

  • Access to recovery services spanning the entire accounts receivable
    cycle, delivered seamlessly from the one provider
  • Faster and more complete debt recovery
  • Greater cost and time efficiency
  • Staff expertise suited to the demands of debt collection
  • Expert knowledge
  • Improved cash flow
  • Expert systems
  • Remaining compliant with all legislation and regulations
  • Protection of brand image
  • Improved bottom line performance
  • Freeing up internal resources
  • Access to litigation services
  • For the first time there is a company that holistically and cost effectively provides all the vital, inter-related service components critical to managing the end-to-end Debt Management process in a fully compliant environment. Why engage multiple vendors when our broad service offering provides the complete solution

    Alex Ineson, Head of Operations
  • To provide superior financial outcomes to clients, uniting the operational standards of the Big Guys with the agility of the Small Guys.

    Mission Statement, Strategic Guardrail
  • To be the most respected agency in our industry, well known in our target markets for the strength of our service, performance, and compliance.

    Vision, Strategic Guardrail
  • 1. Build Relationships - 2. Live a Life of Integrity - 3. Blend Professionalism with Authenticity - 4. Embrace & Drive Change - 5. Deliver Client Service Excellence - 6. Every Role is Powerful –> Own Yours! - 7. Help Others.

    Our Family Values, Strategic Guardrail

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