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Central Finance
Management Group

Central Finance Management Group is a boutique, ethical debt recovery agency built on innovation and experience. Our integrated offerings allow us to deliver holistic and seamless services for management of the entire accounts receivable cycle.

CFMG was founded in 1975 by the Cains family who have evolved the business to include three companies: ECOLL – a debt recovery specialist; iMS – a specialty collections agency; and Linton Pitt Lawyers – a law firm specialising in debt collection.

Since its establishment, the business has held long-standing relationships with high-profile multi-national corporations. These partnerships reflect our commitment to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations and consistently evolve to deliver positive, effective and efficient experiences for customers.

We’re dedicated to delivering personalised service for our clients as well as sustainable, cost-effective, and best-practice solutions that are enabled by our strong focus on quality and compliance.


Our Approach

Ensuring a Positive
Customer Experience

  • Treating Customers with respect
  • Quality Assurance - regularly monitoring and measuring call quality
  • Adherence to Compliance and Quality Management Systems

Reducing the Cost of
Collection & Time to Collect

  • High quality, regular and effective training
  • Efficient, streamlined and consistent procedures
  • Segmentation/Data Analytics/Comprehensive Reporting

Protecting Your Brand

  • Dealing with disputes quickly and effectively
  • Minimal complaints


Names and details have been omitted to protect customer privacy.

Prioritising Mental Health at CFMG


Prioritising Mental Health at CFMG

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Celebrating Cultural Diversity at CFMG

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Support for mental health challenges… in ways that work for YOU


Support for mental health challenges… in ways that work for…

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